All About EPUB Format

All About EPUB Format

Helicon Books

We would like to present our ebook called "All About EPUB Format".

If you are an author, a reader, a store owner or you are just interested in Technology - This ebook will help you understand:

What is Epub FORMAT?

Why do we use it and what are the differences between pdf file and epub format?

Tips for the beginners and how to become an author in no time!

In this book you will know the best way to earn money from digital content.

This ebook will help you to choose THE right book format for you to use or create (Is it PDF or EPUB or MOBI (KINDLE)?


Are you struggling to stand out as a books store owner or an author?

In this ebook, 'Helicon Books Company' presents all the basics for EPUB format introduction. We will show you practical steps from a writer to selling author in the digital world with the help of EPUB format.

Topics covered:

  • About Helicon Books - who are we
  • Which products and services will help you
  • How to Secure your Ebooks?
  • Can you earn money from EPUB?

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